XS-009 US Plug 2W 110V/220V Infrared Human Body Induction Lamp Plug-in PIR Motion Sensor Night Light

Isaiah 55:8-9 John 3:16 Philippians 4:19
Voltage: Voltage 110V Warm Light
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Model: XS-009
Voltage: 100-120V/ 220-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Lamp power: 2.0W
Standby Power: <0.1W
Color Temperature:  White Light 6000-6500K, Warm Light: 2700-3200K
Induction Light Source: 2835 lamp beads: 18pcs,
LED Lumen: 24-26LM/pc
Whole Lamp Lumen: 140~160LM
Sensing Angle: about 120°
Sensing Distance: 4-5 meters
Size: 90*68*66mm
Material: Fireproof ABS (lamp body) + PC (lampshade)
Light Sensor: Equipped with photo-sensitive sensor, if the illumination is more than 10 Lux,the light will not be turned on.

1) XS-009 is a PIR (Passive InfraRed) motion sensor lamp, also known as a human body sensor lamp.
2) When the light is greater than 10LUX, the infrared sensor lamp does not sense, and it is in standby mode. When the light is dimmed, the infrared sensor lamp will automatically turn on when people move within the detection range. When the person leaves, it will continue to illuminate for a set time (30-60S), and the lamp will be turned off automatically.
3)The product is easy to install, directly plug into the socket to use. It has the characteristics of power saving, long life, no radiation, environmental protection, and explosion-proof. It is widely used for automatic lighting in corridors, corridors, garages, closets, bathrooms, kitchens, basements and other places.

1. The working temperature is -10℃~+35℃.
2. Do not install in places with large airflow changes and large temperature changes (such as windows, air conditioners, stoves, etc.);
3. Stay away from high-power (above 100W) or high-interference lamps for more than 3 meters;
4. Adjust the angle during installation to ensure sensitive sensing.
5. Do not install in the bathroom, steam room, etc. where there is water mist or water.

Package Included:
1 x XS-009 US Plug Lamp

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