SYN6658 Chinese Speech Synthesis Module Text-to-speech TTS Voice Broadcast Live Pronunciation

Isaiah 55:8-9 John 3:16 Philippians 4:19
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SYN6658 receives the text data to be synthesized through UART interface or SPI interface communication mode, and realizes the conversion of text to speech (or TTS speech). The module has a four-position DIP switch to select the baud rate, and has a power indicator. The size of the positioning hole and the position of the pin header are the same as those of the 5152 module.

The chip supports the synthesis of any Chinese text, and can use four silk code methods, GB2312, GBK, BIG5 and UNICODE. The chip supports the synthesis of English letters, and when English words are encountered, they are pronounced alphabetically; the amount of text synthesized each time can reach 4K bytes.

Communication baud rate supported by the chip: 4800BPS, 9600BPS, 57600BPS, 115200BPS

Pin description:

GND: Reference ground signal

VCC: +3.3V working power supply

AO_P: Audio output signal+

AO_N: Audio output signal-

R/B: Working status indication output, low level means idle

RXD: UART serial data input

TXD: UART serial data output

RST: External reset signal input

SCK: SPI serial clock input

SSEL: SPI enable selection input

MISO: SPI serial data output

MOS1: SPI serial data input

NC: Empty foot

Board size: 42 x 38.5mm

Package included:

1 x SYN6658 Chinese Speech Synthesis Module

1 x Needle

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