Serial WiFi Probe TZ-USB Data Collection and Analysis of Attendance Statistics Module

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Acquisition range:
1. Probes do not send signals, but only the receiving end, which is used to receive signals sent by mobile phones and routers.
2. The acquisition coverage is determined by the signal coverage (signal intensity) of mobile phones and routers.
3. It is suggested that the collection effect is better when the radius is less than 30 meters (pi * 30 * 30 = 2800, i.e. the coverage area of about 2800 square meters). Usually the open space can reach 50-100 meters, and the limit distance is 1000 meters.
Acquisition speed:
1. WiFi has 13 channels. Because the signals of mobile phones and routers are distributed in different channels, 13 channels need to be scanned once. Each channel scan takes about 250 milliseconds, that is to say, it takes about 3 seconds (channel switching time).
2. Experience value is that about 80% of scanners can be collected in one round and more than 95% in two rounds, so it is recommended to stay in one place and wait for 1-2 rounds of scanners.

Power bank:

The advertising machine is powered by 5V, with an average working current of 100mA.
Charging power bank with 20000 mAh capacity can work 20000 *80%/100= 160 hours at 80% efficiency.

The Apple mobile phone only has a random MAC during the probing phase (ie, no WiFi is connected), and the other phases are real MAC. So the probe can grab a random mac if the Apple phone is not connected to the route, and it is a real MAC at other stages.
How to identify false MAC:
According to the IEEE802.11 specification, the 2nd byte is 0 4 8 C is the normal MAC, as the following MAC
The second byte is 6, to determine the false MAC
Mobile phone black screen:
The probe can only be captured in the case of a packet sent by the mobile phone, which is a prerequisite. If you do not use the mobile phone for 2-5 minutes for a long time, the mobile phone will first turn off the screen. At this stage, the wifi can communicate normally, the communication frequency is reduced, and the probe can capture the MAC address of the mobile phone. If it takes another 5 minutes or so, there is no interaction, the communication module will be closed, and there will be no packet transmission, which will not be detected.

WiFi probe function introduction:
1. Even if the customer does not connect to WiFi, as long as the WiFi option of the mobile phone is not turned off, the WiFi probe can detect the signal transmitted by the customer's mobile phone and can be used for passenger flow positioning, new and old customer identification, customer mobile phone brand recognition and other data analysis.
2. Full channel, all packages are fully captured (can detect Apple mobile phones, Apple mobile phone only random MAC during the detection phase, other stages are real MAC).
3. Even if the phone is connected to WiFi, it can be detected (the general router modified probe can't do it).
4. From the WiFi module design, firmware development, positioning algorithm, probe supporting PC software, APP software all aspects of the company's independent research and development, so can provide a full range of technical support and customization needs.
5. High-end version 2.4G, 5G full crawl, higher than the ordinary product dozens of times the detection rate, even if the phone is connected to WiFi can detect.
Multiple ways of using:
a) The serial port module can be directly plugged into the PC and used on the Android phone.
b) WiFi transmission module, transmitted to the server via WiFi network (server address can be configured).
c) The local storage version can be stored locally to the USB flash drive.
d) The collected data can be transmitted to the server by inserting a network cable (the server address can be configured).

Pin number Pin name Type Function description
1 STATE I/O You can customize the firmware to develop the corresponding functions as needed.
The module has a 22Ω current-limiting resistor in series and can be connected to an external 5.0V level.
Can be used as a UART Rx when programming Flash
The module has a 22Ω current-limiting resistor in series and can be connected to an external 5.0V level.
Can be used as a UART Tx when programming Flash
5 VCC P Module power supply: 3.3V~5.0V, 5.0V is recommended
6 EN I Chip enable, active high, the chip works normally; low level: the chip is off, the current is very small
Package included:

1 x Serial WiFi Probe TZ-USB Data Collection and Analysis of Attendance Statistics Module

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