QF-RD21 5V Power-off Delay Disconnect Relay Module Timer Delay Switch Module

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Voltage: 5V DC (±1.5V)
Power consumption: <1.0W
Output: Passive output (ie dry contact), relay set of normally open + normally closed output. Do not exceed 10A at most.
Time range: (4 files, selected by switch)
First gear: range 0.2 seconds-30 seconds, accuracy: 0.1 seconds
Second gear: range 0.2 seconds - 300 seconds (5 minutes), accuracy: 0.3 seconds
Third gear: range 0.2 seconds-30 minutes, accuracy: 1.8 seconds
Four gears: range 0.2 seconds - 300 minutes (5 hours), accuracy: 18 seconds
Input: Voltage signal, above 1.5V is the effective signal, the current needs at least 0.1mA.
Dimensions: length 70mm * width 25mm * height 20mm
Screw hole: center distance 64.5, aperture 3.0mm
V+ module DC powered positive
GND The DC supply of the module is also the reference GND of the signal voltage.
IN signal voltage input, low level below 1V, high level above 1.5V, uncertain in the middle. Up to 30V
Normally open contact of the NO relay
Constant contact of NC relay
COM relay contact common
Time range setting:
- When the selector switch is placed in the 30 position, it means 0-30 adjustable
- When the selector switch is placed at position 300, it indicates that 0-300 is adjustable.
Adjustment of time value:
- Adjustable resistance rotates counterclockwise to the direction of the number to reduce the time, clockwise to the + direction increases the time
Time unit setting:
- When the selector switch is placed in the Sec position, the unit is: second
- When the selector switch is placed in the Min position, the unit is: minute
Request a delay of 50 minutes:
1. The range is placed at 300 position
2. The time unit is placed in the Min position.
3. Adjust the adjustable resistance to 50 position, adjust to 300, so adjust to 1/5 is 50.
Note: The potentiometer adjustment can also be quickly adjusted with the multimeter voltage file. For example, the range is 30, and it needs to be adjusted to 12, then the voltage can be adjusted to 2.
t=Ut/5*30=2.0V / 5.0V * 30 =12
Ut is the voltage measured by the multimeter, 30 is the range selected by the selector switch, and can also be selected to 300.
Combined with the travel switch and the inductive switch:
1. Timeout automatically closes the door
2. Pipeline product flow monitoring
3. Current flow monitoring such as water flow
4. Other uses
Package Included:
1 x QF-RD21 5V Power-off Delay Disconnect Relay Module Timer Delay Switch

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