Multifunctional 1.8L Waterproof Pet Water Dispenser From USB Dogs Cats Mute Drinker Hair Filtration Protection Against Dry Heating With 4 Layer Purification System For Cat Health

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Multifunctional 1.8L Waterproof Pet Water Dispenser From Xiaomi Youpin USB Dogs Cats Mute Drinker Hair Filtration Protection Against Dry Heating With 4 Layer Purification System For Cat Health.

*Drink healthy living water to make pets fall in love with drinking water:

Studies have shown that consuming too little water increases the risk of urinary problems in cats.

*Soften water, avoid hard water, and keep pets away from urinary stones:

Excessive calcium and ions in water become the main culprit of pet urinary problems such as urinary stones, multi-layer filtration, softening water quality, effective prevention of pet urinary system.

*Four-layer deep filtration, high-quality filter element:

-Full 360-degree purification to make the water sweeter.

*Self-developed hair filter to block hair and foreign body:

Adopt Edible Silica Gel material, effectively filter hair, prevent pollution filter core convenient to clean up the ign body.

*Waterproof protection:

-The body can be washed directly, cleaning is more convenient

-The socket can be washed directly and the safety is guaranteed

*The top floor is filled with water and the bowl is sloped:

Large curved bowl body design, easy to pet drinking water, running water does not leave dirt, effectively wash away floating hair and dust impurities, tilt angle more convenient pet drinking.

*Mute Operation:

The interior walls are designed with 14 silencing channels that operate at low decibels and do not disturb you at all times.

*Protection against dry heating:

Protection against immediate power failure due to induction of water shortage.

*Huge capacity, no need to worry about on business:

1.8 l large capacity, avoid frequent refilling and don't worry about traveling.


-Mute upgrade

-Protection against dry heating

-Four-layer filtration

-Multiple Security Measures

-A water storage bowl is arranged at the top

-Hair filtration

-Waterproof protection design

Specification :

Brand Petree(Xiaomi Cooperation Brand)
Material  ABS
Color  White
Weight  650g
Size 19*19*16CM
Volume 1.8L

Product Include:

1 * Pet Water Dispenser

1 * User Manual

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