Manual Inflatable Life Jacket Lifebuoy Water Sports Equipment Clothes Vest

Isaiah 55:8-9 John 3:16 Philippians 4:19
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1.Designed for Snorkeling: In contrast to life vests meant to keep your head
   above water our vest enables you to swim smoothly with your head in the water.
2.It keeps you buoyant longer for a safe and enjoyable experience - without worry
   of surprise riptides or fatigue.
3.Clever Inflation Mouthpiece:With an easy-to-access oral inflation tube you can
   adjust your level in the water even while you're wearing the vest.
4.Add more air to lift yourself higher above the waterline or deflate
   to get closer to the beauty beneath the ocean's surface.
5.Adjustable to Perfect Fit: Keep your vest where you want it with simple adjustable body straps.
6.Located at the waist and crotch areas they ensure a perfect fit every time so that
   your vest doesn't slip or ride up while you scout for coral reefs bright fish or sunken ships.
7.Simpler Smarter Design:With a smooth over-the-neck design that allows for comfortable
   movement you can slip in an out of your vest with ease. 
8.This makes it perfect for both exploring what's under the shimmering tide as well as for
    relaxingly floating on your back.
9.Tough Enough to Trust:The tough tear-resistant material elevates your confidence and
    self-reliance in the water as you snorkel like a pro. 
10.You'll feel a bit more daring and ready to dive into your next snorkeling excursion. 

Instructions Usage:
1.Turn left the puff port;
2.Press the Air Valve;
3.Blow Air into the Puff Port.
Package Included:
1 x Lifejacket 

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