KTNNKG Tuya WIFI 433MHz Dual Frequency Smart Socket APP Remote Control Works with Amazon AlexaGoogle Home

Isaiah 55:8-9 John 3:16 Philippians 4:19
Plug: US Plug
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1. Product model: TY220V-CZ
2. Working voltage: AC90-250V
3. Quiescent current: 8mA
4. Working frequency: 433MHz/2.4G
5. Load power: 2200W
6. Receiving sensitivity: -105dbm
7. Frequency deviation: ±0.2MHz
8. Coding method: learning type
9. Working mode: self-locking, interlock, timing, delay
10. Modulation method: ASK
11. Distance: APP has no distance limit, remote control 100M (open area without interference)
12. PCBA size: 55mm*52.7mm*20mm
13. Shell size: US-110*62*57(mm); UK-110*62*74(mm); EU-110*62*67(mm)

Pairing method:
This socket has only one button, which is both the power button (manual switch) and the pairing button (remote control + app).
How to pair app mode:

1. Turn on the power, press and hold the pairing button for 5 seconds; the blue indicator light starts to flash slowly, indicating that you are waiting for pairing, open the TUYA app, and search for the device. When pairing for the first time, put the phone, switch and router as close as possible. After 15s, it will show that the pairing is successful. At this time, the blue light will be on. At this time, you can rename the device and enter the app page to set the scene and location;
2. This switch is off by default. If you want to change it, you can enter the 'restart state setting' of the APP, and you can choose 'power off', 'power on' or 'power off memory'

How to pair the remote control mode:

1. Turn on the power, press the pairing button, the red light is on, indicating that the output circuit is connected; press it again, the red light is off, indicating that the output circuit is off.
Press the pairing button 8 times continuously, the red light flashes, indicating that the code clearing is successful.
2. When the output circuit is disconnected, press the pairing button twice, the red light turns on, and then press the remote control button, the red light flashes 3 times quickly, and the self-locking mode is set successfully;
3. When the output circuit is disconnected, press the pairing button 3 times, the red light is on, press the A and B buttons of the remote control respectively, and the interlock mode is set successfully (ie A is on and B is off)

Explanation of output mode:

1. Self-locking: Press the same remote control button, press it once, the relay is turned on, and press it again, the relay is turned off.
2. Interlock: Press the 'A' button on the remote control to turn on the relay, and press the 'B' button on the remote control to turn off the relay.


1. Do not operate with electricity, turn off the power supply for operation, and turn it on after the test is confirmed to be correct.
2. When the remote control voltage is low, please replace the battery in time (when the remote control battery voltage is low, the remote control distance will generally be shorter)
3. When using wireless electronic products, pay attention to avoiding metal masks, large electronic devices, electromagnetic fields and other strong sources of interference to avoid short distances between the remote control and the receiver or failure to work normally.
4. Do not use this electronic product abnormally. Abnormal use will reduce the performance and life of the product. In severe cases, it will damage the product and bring hidden dangers to your safety.

Package included:

1 x Smart Socket
1 x Remote control

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