FAST FAC1901R 1900M Wireless Router 2.4G 5G Dual Band 6 * Antenna 3T3R MU-MIMO LDPC Gigabit Home WiFi Router

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Protocols and standards

lEEE8021ac, lEEE802.1n, lEEEE802.11g, lEEE802.11b, lEEE802.11a, lEE802.3, IEEE802.3u

Wireless rate

2.4GHz: 600Mbps

5GHz: 1300Mbps

WAN port

1 * 10 / 100 / 1000M adaptive RJ45 port, support Auto MDI/MDIX

LAN port

2 * 10 / 100 / 1000M adaptive RJ45 port, support Auto MDI/MDIX


RESET/WPS reuse button


6 * omnidirectional high gain antenna

Working frequency

2.4 ~ 2.4835GHz

5.150 ~ 5.250GHz

5.725 ~ 5.850GHz

Network media

10 Base-T: CAT 3 or above UTP

100 Base-TX: CAT 5 UTP

1000 Base-TX: UTP over CAT 5 or above

LED indication

Per port: Link / Act

Others: SYS (system indication)

Size (L * W * H)

225 * 142 * 37mm



- 3 transmitters and 3 receivers to give full play to equipment performance:

  Mainstream computers have developed to dual-band 3T3R (3 transmitters and 3 receivers), and the Wi-Fi modules of smart phones have gradually evolved to 2x2 MIMO or even higher specifications, and routing configurations need to follow closely. The FAC1901R gigabit version adopts the 3T3R architecture, dual-band 1900Mbps, which is more compatible with the configuration of computers, mobile phones and other devices, and is combined with high-tech equipment to make the Wi-Fi experience smoother.

- Full 1000M ports, make full use of strong signals:

  Network upgrades, broadband above 100M is becoming more and more common, routing of gigabit ports can better meet demand. The FAC1901R gigabit version provides full gigabit ports, and the wired transmission rate is 10 times higher than the previous 100M ports. It supports higher-spec broadband access, especially suitable for 100M/200M/500M/1000M optical fiber broadband access. It makes full use of the operator's every megaband of bandwidth, takes advantage of broadband, and easily enjoys high network speeds.

- 1900M, high speed, wide coverage:

  FAC1901R gigabit version adopts 11AC technology, dual-band concurrent, 2.4G and 5G speeds are as high as 600Mbps, 1300Mbps, 2.4G has strong wall penetration capability, 5G frequency band interference is less, and the excellent speed combination gives full play to the advantages of the two frequency bands. Speed ​​and wide coverage.

- 3x3 MU-MIMO, high network speed even with multiple devices:

  Traditional routers, when multiple devices are connected to WiFi at the same time, can only allow devices to line up to access the Internet. Once more devices are connected, the network becomes congested. The FAC1901R gigabit version supports MU-MIMO (multi-user multiple access). More than) technology, in the case of simultaneous access of multiple users, it can process the data transmission and reception of multiple devices at a high speed at the same time, and multiple devices are connected to WiFi at the same time, and each device can still surf the Internet at high speed.

- Dual frequency integration + seamless roaming, intelligent signal switching:

  The FAC1901R gigabit version has dual-frequency integration. The factory defaults to combine the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands into one SSID (wireless name). At the same time, it realizes seamless roaming of Wi-Fi signals through the 802.11k/v protocol and moves in the terminal. In the process, smart switching frequency bands for mobile phones and other terminals allows you to always maintain a high-speed Internet experience. This function can be turned on or off in the software settings according to personal needs.


Package Includes:

1 * Router

1 * Power adapter

1 * Installation manual

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