DIY 5V Wireless IR Infrared Remote Decoder Encoding Transmitter Receiver Module

Isaiah 55:8-9 John 3:16 Philippians 4:19
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1. With the infrared emission function
2. With infrared encoding.
3. With the infrared emission head expansion interface.
4. With serial communication functions, communication level is TTL.
5. It can control 99% of the infrared format devices,including televisions, fans and other electrical and electronic equipment.
6. Support for NEC encoding chips :( typical encoding chips such as uPD6121, uPD6122, TC9012 and numerous
7. Compatible chip model, such as the PT2221, PT2222, SC6121, SC6122, SC9012, etc.)
8. Can be used as an infrared wireless data communication, data transmission, control and other functions IR
                       Smart home, student electronic design, infrared turn wireless, intelligent industrial equipment, MP3 controller, IR remote control, IR
                       decoding equipment, electronic building blocks kit, electronic equipment control, infrared wireless switch design, coding equipment   
                       intelligent infrared remote control car.


1. Size:27''17mm
2. Supply voltage: 5V
3. Communication: Serial communication (TTL level)
4. Firing distance: 6-10 meters (OUR actual environmental testing eight meters Stability Control)


1. Can it controlled (or decoded) TV, air conditioning and other appliances?
A: This module is NEC codec module, which supports only NEC encoding equipment, appliances for the restaurant can not determine which NEC  
     coding, design intent is not used to control appliances. Mainly for professional customers DIY electronic applications.

2. Can it output high-low ?
A: The serial communication module, no extra IO port, requires a combination of micro controller or other serial devices to send and receive data,
     control functions of a wireless infrared.

3. Can Infrared barrier function use it? Can it transmit a series of data?
A: This module is not available for infrared barrier function, infrared transmitter and receiver are mutually independent from each other can not work
     simultaneously; this module can not send a string of data at once, you can only send 5 bytes, but more can be continuously secondary
     transmission until the data can also be finished.

Package included:

1 x IR Infrared Decoder Module


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