AK-DB32B-PRO 32-bit Sound-controlled Music Level Light-PRO Version High Sensitivity MIC Signal Acquisition

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Model: AK-DB32B-PRO
Input: 5V/250MA (Over 5V may damage the light board. The current can be greater than 250ma, there is no fixed upper limit)
Some power supplies have fast charge and high voltage output function, please do not use this kind of charger
Output: about 2.5W
Input port: MicroUSB
Dimensions: 181*16*18.8mm
Net weight: 86g
Material: One-piece molding, Anodizing


Built-in highly sensitive microphone (sound-controlled).
Aluminum alloy integrated molding housing
Customize LED lighting mold components to make colors soft.
32 independent RGB colored LED.

Package includes:

1 x Music levels light

Quick Q&A with 32-bit voice-activated music level light:

Q1: Where can it be used? Is the wiring complicated?
A1: It can be used wherever there is external sound. Because this product uses a silicon microphone to collect signals, you only need to plug in a 5V/250MA power supply just like charging a mobile phone and it can work normally.

Q2: What is the difference between this model and the level indicator connected to the audio signal line?
A2: The level light connected to the signal line directly inputs the signal to the light board for processing, so it performs very well on the details and rhythm of the audio, but there are requirements for the input signal, and it must be installed and used correctly by more professional personnel. Ordinary consumers can't use it. Since the microphone level light uses a microphone to collect the signal, it is affected by the audio playback equipment, the playback environment and the microphone itself. It is definitely not the level of the wiring signal level light. The advantage is that this product is very convenient to use. The aluminum alloy shell, With a small and exquisite appearance, it can work normally when connected to the power source just like charging a mobile phone.

Q3: Why do I feel that the rhythm of the light board is not good when placed outside of devices such as mobile phones and laptops?
A3: As mentioned earlier, it is related to the playback equipment. The external speakers of mobile phones or laptops don’t even sound as rhythmic as loudspeakers. Why should the light board have a rhythm? This is a matter of common sense.

Q4: Why is the rhythm still wrong when playing music with big speakers?
A4: As mentioned earlier, it is related to the playback equipment and the playback environment. The signal collected by the microphone is only related to the loudness of the sound, that is, the size of the sound we often say. Generally, the low frequency part is the main thing that gives us a sense of rhythm. If there is a mid-frequency vocal sing at this time, and the loudness and the low-frequency loudness are equal or even louder, the microphone will naturally collect the highest loudness vocal composition. Processing, so that there will be a phenomenon that does not correspond to the sense of rhythm. In addition, the playback environment will cause resonance in certain frequency bands of the audio. For example, the low frequency is most likely to resonate with the environment. People may not feel it when the resonance occurs, but the light board will show that the light bar is continuously at the top. It is also normal.

Q5: Is there anything else to pay attention to during normal use?
A5: Yes, all products need to pay attention to the usage method.
1. Do not use excessive force when plugging or unplugging the power cord to avoid cracking of the internal adhesive.
2. Be careful not to drop it to avoid damage to the internal microphone.
3. Do not block the microphone collection hole or blow hard into it.
4. Although the light board has a very wide AGC range, if the external sound is too low, it will still not be able to display normally. At this time, please amplify the music slightly or put the light board near the speaker or speaker.
5. When multiple light boards are used at the same time, due to the whole AGC tracking process, the display range of each light board will definitely not be the same. The AGC function cannot be turned off. If you have objections to this, please do not buy and use it.
6. The product can be used directly when you get it. If you need to set some personalized functions, please refer to the operation manual by yourself.

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