315MHz Wireless Receiving Control Module Superheterodyne Remote Control Switch Module

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KL_CWXM04 is a super-high-band high-quality wireless data transmission superheterodyne receiver module. This module adopts the special RF chip imported from the United States. It has the advantages of high integration, few external components, good product consistency and high sensitivity. It is widely used in electric expansion and contraction. Doors, garage doors, gates, etc. This receiver module is ideal for systems with high requirements in complex environments.
Technical Parameters:
Working voltage: DC5V
Working current: 4mA
Working frequency: 315MHz
Receive sensitivity: -110dBm
Decoding method: single chip microcomputer
Output mode: jog, self-lock, interlock
Communication rate: <10Kbits
Temperature range: -10 ° C ~ +70 ° C
Size: 39*19*7mm

PIN and function description:

PIN Function Description
VCC Positive power supply
VT Receive valid status indication
GND Negative power supply
D3 Data output
D2 Data output
D1 Data output
D0 Data output
Application range:
Wireless security alarm system
Remote control door, gate
Remote control curtain
Wireless industrial control
Remote control parking lock, etc.
Instructions for use:
1. Code method:
A, catch the learning button for 3 seconds, the learning indicator flashes, press any button on the remote control, the indicator light is off, the code is successful. More than 20 remote controls can be added
B, delete the remote control: press and hold the learning button for 3 seconds, the indicator light is on until the light is off, let go, delete successfully
2. Output mode: Jog, self-locking, interlocking three ways, there are S1, S2 mark on the receiving board, the specific output is as follows:
S1 short circuit → output interlock S2 short circuit → output self-lock S1, S2 floating → output jog

Package includes:

1 x Receiver

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