315MHz 433MHz Receiver Decoder Module Support PT2272 DIY Electronic ASK OOK TYJM01A-K PT2262 EV1527 SC5211 HS2240

Isaiah 55:8-9 John 3:16 Philippians 4:19
Frequency: 315MHz
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1. Intelligent identification chip type, support EV1527, PT2262 learning code / fixed code (welding code) IC remote control mixed use
2. Compatible with most learning codes and fixed code (weld code) chips on the market, including EV1527, PT2262, HX2262, SC2260, SC5211, HS2240, etc.
3. Intelligently adapts to the oscillation resistance of the transmitting end, without considering the oscillation resistance of the transmitting end, and has strong versatility and is more convenient to use.
4. Good local oscillator radiation suppression ability, multiple modules can work together and will not interfere with each other, does not affect the receiving distance
5. TYJM01A-K supports four modes of operation: Latch, L4, T4, M4, and H4.
6. Learning and mode conversion through the learning button trigger
Supports 4 outputs, the module comes with learning indicator and VT data valid indication, the operation is more intuitive and convenient
7. Decoder chip built-in EEPROM, support up to 32 sets of remote control memory
8. Wide operating voltage range: 2V ~ 5.5V
9. Module size: 18.8X14.8X5mm, small size, easy installation


Operating voltage: 2~5.5V
Working current:
2.8mA (315MHz Full Operation)
3.5mA (433MHz Full Operation)
Operating frequency: 315MHz/433.92MHz(Option)
Modulation method: ASK/00K
Receiver sensitivity: -108dBm
Data rate: up to 10kpbs
Drive capability per IO port: <=20mA
Operating temperature range: -40℃~85℃

Package included: 

1 x Receiver Decoder Module 

Module Working Principle:
In the pulse data string of each frame learning code (eg, EV1527) or fixed code (eg, PT2262),
It consists of two parts: the address code and the data code. In general, in the same remote control, the address code of each key is the same, and the data code for each key is different;
In the TYJM01A-K module, after learning, the module only memorizes the address code of the remote control button and does not memorize the data code of the button;
The module can intelligently identify the learning code or fixed code, and extract the address code from the received data to be compared with the address code stored in the EEPROM. If the same, the corresponding output mode is correspondingly output according to the received data code.


Wireless remote control switch
Wireless anti-theft alarm
Wireless remote control door lock
Wireless doorbell
Wireless remote control electric shutter doors and windows
Wireless LED lighting
Industrial remote control products, etc.

The Default Setting is Jog Mode (M4)

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